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Salmon River Fishing Report 8/28

Weather: High of 89 degrees today with a 20% chance of rain. As of right now it is sunny but they estimate clouds coming in.

CFS at Dam: 185

CFS at Pineville: 285

Well with this warm weather sneaking back in on us it has slowed down the amount of fish coming into the river. There were a few fish caught down at the Douglaston yesterday. Water temps went above 70 degrees yesterday. A few reports that there were a few fish at the staircase in Pulaski.

Up here in our neck of the woods in Altmar it is still very slow. We had a couple kings sighted off of the bridge but thats about it. The guys on the lake are still doing very well and there is a fair number of fish in the estuary.

Until tomorrow, tight lines!!

Trying his luck hopefully he gets one!

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