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Salmon River Fishing Report 9/10

Weather: High 56 degrees with a low of 55 degrees. Considerable cloudiness with some rain showers. Winds SE 10-20 MPH.

Sunrise: 6:37 am

Sunset: 7:23 pm

CFS at Dam: 335

CFS at Pineville: 464

It has still been reported that the fishing is slow. I have heard of a few anglers on the lower part of the river who have caught a few. Guys are seeing them down in the estuary but haven't had much luck bringing any to hand.

Up here in Altmar a couple of anglers had stopped in yesterday and saw fish moving into the schoolhouse. He was able to bring one to hand there.

I have had a few people report that have went out onto the lake and they say the bite is off out there. A couple fish a day thats it. Seems like they are done feeding out in the lake and want to move into the river. Hopefully within the next few days we will start to see some more fish come in. Don't forget the lower fly zone opens up this weekend!!

Until tomorrow, tight lines!!

Logan with a king! A bit muddy but a nice fish!!

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