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Salmon River Fishing Report 9/21

Weather: High of 81 with a low of 51 degrees. Cloudy early with afternoon thunderstorms. Damaging winds. Wind S 19MPH - 21 MPH.

Sunrise: 6:50 am

Sunset: 7:03 pm

CFS at Dam: 335

CFS at Pineville: 447

Well anglers are not going home disappointed. Reports coming in that the clam shed and ballpark are lit right up with fish! Most guys reporting within the first few casts they are hooked up.Fish throughout the river. Down low they are seeing a steady flow of Kings, Cohos, and Steelheads.

Although we are seeing a fair amount of fish it has been said that the fish coming into the estuary has slowed down a little bit. Most anglers are reporting that its the best fishing in years.

Until tomorrow, tight lines!!

Sebastian looking happy with this salmon!!

Busy in Pulaski

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